Traditional Vs. Mini Implants

Dr. Chin is your Las Vegas Dental Implant Expert

Las Vegas Mini Dental Implant Center Of America offers Same Day ‘Minimally Invasive’ Dental Implants

“Next-gen Mini Dental Implants are “Minimally Invasive” and are more COST-EFFECTIVE, needing only one surgery while helping bone retainment”

Dental implants are an incredible advancement in tooth replacement. An implant is essentially a titanium post which is placed into the jawbone where a tooth is missing. After a replacement tooth caps the post, the structure looks and functions just like a normal tooth.

Dr. Chin’s thirty years of experience and results help patients achieve long-term success with dental implants. He knows that overload is a primary cause of implant failure, so Dr. Chin has trained extensively in the latest techniques and technologies to avoid overload issues.

One-visit Next-Generation implants are the next step in implant technology. Next-generation implants are an excellent solution for anchoring not only crowns, but also bridges and dentures. This makes them especially useful for quickly and easily replacing multiple teeth.

Next-Generation Implants offer the same benefits as implants but they offer these advantages:

  • Next-Generation implants are superior to traditional implants (and in most cases, also more cost-effective)
  • Treatment can often be completed in one visit
  • The procedure is much less invasive – which means no incision and faster healing
  • Yields a higher success rate
 Traditional ImplantsNext Generation Implants
CostMore ExpensiveLess Expensive
Treatment TimeSeveral visits over 8-18 months (depending on need for bone augmentation procedures.)Treatment is often completed in just one visit.
SurgeryInvasive surgery; more traumatic potential; requires incisions and stitchesMuch less invasive surgery; less traumatic potential; usually requires no incisions, and no stitches
Hole DiameterBig hole; relatively large screw needs a substantial hole in the jaw boneSmaller implant means smaller hole in the bone
Recovery TimeSubstantial recovery timeQuick recovery time
Reliability and DurabilityExcellentExcellent
Bone Grafting SurgerySometimes necessaryNot necessary
MedicationsSurgery requires patients to stop using blood thinnersProcedure does not require change in medications


We understand that dental implants are a major procedure, and we offer no upfront cost to you and have flexible financing options to help make the procedure affordable. We can provide you with a range of other dentistry services, too, including:

  •  Cosmetic dental procedures
  •  Restorative dental procedures
  •  Dentures

At Las Vegas Mini Dental Implant Center Of America, we don’t want your fear of dentistry to interfere with receiving the treatment you need, so we offer the option of sedation dentistry. Your comfort and safety are our most important priorities during any Las Vegas, NV, dental implant procedure. Contact us today to find out more about the ways we may be able to help you and to schedule an appointment.