Clear Choice Dental Implants

Clear Choice Dental Implants in Las Vegas

The Clear Choice is yours on how you choose a dentist who does dental implants. Many times your Clear Choice is neither clear nor easy.

With an increasing emphasis on dental implants value and efficiency, quality time between dentist and patient has become more and more a valuable resource. In general, dentists who are successful and experience on dental implants spend significant time in face-to-face contact with patients gathering relevant medical health and dental related information. Performing a detailed dental evaluation work of your gums and bite is an important aspect of implant dentistry.

So what should you look for when searching for implant dentists so you can have a clear choice?

Experience: Dr. Chin has over 30+ years’ experience in dentistry, having graduated from UOP School of Dentistry, one of the best schools in US. Dr. Chin has discovered a special affinity to surgery, especially dental implants and fixed teeth, for those patients who want no more dentures!

Training: Dr. Chin has training in implant dentistry starting with UOP, UCSF, Loma Linda University, Medical College of Georgia, and have trained with the masters in dentistry from general dentists, to specialists, such as orthodontists, prosthodontists, periodontists, head and neck surgeons, plastic surgeons, oral surgeons, ear, nose and throat surgeons, and pulmonologists

Training in different Implant types: Dr Chin is one of the first implantologists with training in numerous implant types, starting with the Staple implant, to cylinders, to blades, to short wide implants, to narrow long implants, to tapered implants, to mini dental implants and to custom sub periosteal implants.

Training in different Implant Case types: Dr. Chin has experience in All on 4, All on 6, fixed on 6 , fixed roundhouses, fixed detachable roundhouses, custom sub-periosteal implants, etc

What training has taught us? How to do things based on what we know. There are different ways to do things based on different training.

What experience has taught us?

  1. Everything works and everything fails. There is a success/failure rate.
  2. Everything has upside and downside. There are benefits/downside.
  3. The patient is 50% of the equation for success or failure, a good medical/dental evaluation is important. Listening to what you want is even more important!
  4. We have our preferences for treatment. The patient has their preferences for treatment. The patient’s preference is as or more important than our preferences, so it is important for patient to let us know what they want and don’t want, to get their best treatment experience.
  5. Some people have bad genetics, as a result have had a bad experience with keeping their teeth healthy and looking good as far as smile
  6. Some people are happy to get rid of their natural teeth, especially if they have had problems with them as far as successful treatment, with the result being pain, odor, and teeth that look bad.
  7. People with money have no bone for implants
  8. People with bone have no money for implants
  9. Most people prefer no dentures, and want fixed teeth to implants
  10. Most people do not have the bone for traditional implants, hence bone grafting is a common necessity, so additional trauma and cost.
  11. Most people have the bone for smaller diameter implants as much less bone is needed for implants and bone grafting is in many cases not necessary.
  12. KISS Principle is correct: keep it sweet and simple is correct, as more parts, more to go wrong, as screws do loosen up ….a problem for traditional implant screw retained abutments. Not a problem for single piece implant/abutment systems.
  13. No perfect implant system: Traditional implant systems are larger in size, so requires more bone, hence more bone grafting, so more cost, more complications, more trauma and discomfort. Because the patients jaw bone is fit to the implant system, so less people qualify for this, and more cost.
  14. Smaller diameter implant systems require much less bone to retain them, so little need for bone grafting, saving patients additional procedures, cost, trauma, recovery time and healing time. Most people have the bone for small diameter implants systems, so the majority of people are candidates for this system.
  15. Hybrid Dental Implant Systems: As I mentioned, no perfect system, not large diameter or small diameter dental implants, as all have successes and failures. Hybrid dental implants systems use both traditional size and smaller diameter sizes to fit to the patients jaw size to minimize bone grafting, trauma, cost, healing time, and discomfort. So we are custom planning the case based on the patients jaw anatomy, bone quality, bone quality and medical health, along with what they want. We are not making everyone’s mouth fit our system, as every mouth is unique and different. It is the best of both worlds.
  16. So the Clear Choice Dental Implants in Las Vegas is based on the patient’s needs and wants, the patient’s medical/dental history, and unique jaw anatomy. We custom treatment plan to a patient’s unique situation, not fitting a patient’s mouth to a system. So the Clear Choice Dental Implants in Las Vegas is based on keeping things simple for the benefit of the patient, many time requiring a use of dental implants, small and larger diameter. This is Dr. Chin’s hybrid dental implant system, the Clear Choice for Dental Implants in Las Vegas.
  17. Sedation Dentistry: 50 % of our patient population choose sedation to make their visit easier, so little to no memory of the visit. We offer oral meds, laughing gas, IV sedation, general anesthetic, as desired by the patient.
  18. For Clear Choice Dental Implants in Las Vegas, the choice is yours.
  19. Why Dr. Chin? :
  • Experience in years : 30+ years
  • Training by Masters in Dentistry and Medicine: allows us to know different things to better treat our patients, in a minimally invasive way.
  • Training in different dental implant types, allow us more tools in the tool box, to better treat you the patient.
  • Training in different dental case types, allows us more tools in the box to treat more difficult cases, for patients who have had problems with previous treatment.
  • Training from plastic surgeons, and head and neck surgeons have allowed us to treat more difficult cases, than traditional dentistry allows.
  • Passion : I love to treat patients with more minimally invasive techniques, as it is more comfortable, less traumatic, less healing time and lower cost for our mature adult population, the majority of our practice. It is how I would treat my mom and dad.
  • Sedation Dentistry: 50% of our patient population choose sedation dentistry, so little or no memory of the visit. We offer oral meds, laughing gas, IV sedation and general anesthetic if elected for the convenience of our patients.
  • Dr. Chin has a special emphasis in fixed teeth, for those that want No More Dentures!
  • Free complimentary consultation, including exam and x-rays.
  1. The choice is yours, call us – (702) 342-0309