All On 4 Dental Implants Las Vegas

What is All-on-4® all about? All-on-4, is a fixed detachable way to replace dentures, failing teeth or failing crown and bridge work.  It is popular because the goal is to have fixed teeth in I day, a big security issue for many patients, especially women. What are the UPSIDES/POSITIVES (+) of the All-on -4® procedure?

  • Goal to have fixed teeth with 1 surgery visit
  • Cosmetic enhancement opportunity
  • Implants help to prevent bone loss due to atrophy
  • Immediate function to eat and chew right away.
  • Immediate cosmetic makeover
  • Better self – confidence and quality of life
  • New smile in a day
  • Potential to last a life time
  • Gives ability to eat all sorts of foods
  • An arch of teeth on only 4 implants
  • Teeth are fixed, so very secure, but detachable, so removable to repair things
  • A means to getting rid of your denture!!!

What are downsides/negatives (-) to All-on-4®?

  • Retained by screws which can break or loosen, which does happen.
  • Must cut away a large portion of the front part of your jaw to make room for milled bar to strengthen your artificial teeth. So it is in fact an invasive procedure.
  • Lose the natural feel of your gums, since a large portion of your front jaw is cut away to make room for the prosthesis.
  • Goal is to fit all teeth on 4 implants, but reality is that many times during the surgery, the surgeon may find that it is best to add additional implants, due to less than optimal bone. It should really be called All-on-4 plus, as it may be 5, 6 implants, etc.  Look on the internet and you will see lots of pictures of cases with 5, 6, 7 implants, not just 4.  It is really dictated by your available bone.
  • Not all All-on-4 cases can be or should be fixed at the surgery visit, if the implant/bone situation is not as stable as we would like, hence some cases should be not attached and just covered with denture for best healing success.
  • The goal is 1 single surgery, but sometimes requires a second surgery for best outcome.

Summary : All-on-4® is a state of the art procedure offering a great many benefits for patients who want to get rid of their dentures, failing crowns or ailing teeth.

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 Las Vegas Mini Dental Implant How about All-on-4® ALTERNATIVES?

  1. “Hybrid Dental Implantsᵟ” by Dr. Chin:
  • Utilizing Dr. Chin’s Minimally Invasive Dental Implant System
  • Traditional dental implants are placed, but not loaded to ensure a higher success rate for integration. Smaller diameter implants are placed and loaded to fix transitional teeth at time of surgery.
  • Goal is 1 surgery, instead of 2. If body rejects an implants, a second surgery will be necessary in 2- 3-4 months.
  • Teeth are permanently cemented, with no screws to loosen
  • Cosmetic enhancement immediately
  • No cutting off of front part of jaw, as no necessity for large milled bar for strength, so more natural feel of gums.
  • More minimally invasive, so more comfortable
  1. Fixed-on-6®:
  • Allows you to GET RID OF YOUR DENTURES entirely!
  • CAD Design frameworks, milled with Zirconia or Hybrid Composite material
  • Emax layered porcelain
  • Fixed detachable

Comparing A Simple Cost Effective Alternative to ALL-ON-4®:

Fix-on-6® SystemAll-on-4® Procedure
Fixed Detachable Solution to Replace Loose DenturesYesYes
Minimally Invasive ProcedureYesNo
Short Healing TimeYes (2-3 months)No (4-6 months)
Immediate Final RestorationYes (1 month)No (4-6 months)
Patient AcceptanceHighLow
# of Implants6+4+
Immediate attachmentYes/NoYes/No
Cost9,999 – 14,500/arch20,000-25,000/arch
Specs apply to edentulous casesYesYes
WarrantyYes *Yes
Comfortable Post-Op RecoveryYesNo
Preserves jaw boneYesNo
Removal of bone and gum to make room for titanium barNoYes
No Screws to loosen/tightenYesNo

Awesome! You now have the information to discern the differences between All-on-4® vs Fix-on-6® procedures! Now compare this with Dr. Chin’s Minimally Invasive Hybrid Dental Implant Systemᵟ with All-on-4®.

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Comparing Dr. Harvey Chin’s Minimally Invasive Hybrid Dental Implant Systemᵟ with All-on-4® procedure:

Dr. Chin’s Minimally Invasive Hybrid Dental Implant SystemᵟAll-on-4 Procedure®
Fixed Non Detachable solution to replace Loose DenturesYesNo
Minimally Invasive ProcedureYesNo
Short Healing TimeYes (2-3 months)No (4-6 months)
Shorter Restoration TimeYes (2-3 months)No (4-6 months)
# of Implants4+4+
Immediate AttachmentYesYes
Includes Extractions, graft, sedationYesNo
Cosmetic EnhancementYesNo
Warranty **YesNo
Comfortable post opYesNo
Specs apply to dentulous casesYesYes
Preserves jaw boneYesNo
Removal of bone and gum to make room for titanium barNoYes
No Screws to loosen/tightenYesNo

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